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North Jersey's Trusted Source for Financial Consulting

Holt Legacy Group offers a range of real estate and financial consulting services throughout the Northern New Jersey area. We primarily provide credit restoration and tax preparation services for small businesses and individuals while also offering profitable real estate investments for interested individuals.

Our organization is a family-based business and we take great pride in treating our clients like family as well. We’re here to help you with all of your financial consulting concerns, whether you need to restore your credit or you want to start a small business. Contact us today to begin your journey towards financial success.

Real Estate

Investing in great properties in Northern New Jersey has never been easier. We also offer stellar workshops so you can learn the best way to make a profit off of the market.

Home Improvement

Your credit shouldn’t be holding you back from achieving freedom from debt and financial success. Let our professionals help you with all of your credit restoration needs.

Credit Repair

From single individuals to small businesses, we’re able to help prepare your taxes for you. Don’t stress at the last minute; enjoy our quarterly or annual services.

About HLG

Husband and Wife Duo have over 10 years total experience in real estate wholesaling and house flipping. After starting his real estate career in NYC, in 2013 Michael Holton moved his operations to Essex County, NJ and became very successful in wholesaling distressed multi-family houses to big-time investors. Jessica Richardson-Holton raised the bar for Brooklyn based Realtors monthly, pushing rental sale to the max. She also a degree in accounting.The couple met at a real estate closing in December of 2015 and were married a year later. Shortly after, Holt Legacy Group LLC was formed. HLG and its staff are dedicated to providing legendary service. Not only do we provide services, we also have free real estate coaching classes and motivational speeches. We are here to help you in any way we can! Call us today!



Real Estate and Financial Services